Exclusive Wildcrafted 8 oz Purple Sea Moss Gel Simplifed Sea Moss
Exclusive Wildcrafted 8 oz Purple Sea Moss Gel Simplifed Sea Moss

Exclusive Wildcrafted 8 oz Irish Sea Moss Gel

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100% Wildcrafted Raw Sea Moss Anyone who wants to make Irish Sea Moss gel will love this! Each pouch of Wildcrafted Raw Sea Moss contains four ounces of Irish sea moss, enough to make three to four 16-ounce bottles of Irish sea Moss gel. Simplified Irish Sea Moss organic is 100% Raw, organic Wildcrafted Sea Moss that has been sun-dried by dedicated harvesters after being hand-picked at low tide from the cleanest American waters off the unsettling shores of Cobscook Bay, Maine.

 Why Choose Us?

where to buy Irish moss? Here Simplified Sea Moss is 100% Raw, organic Wildcrafted Irish raw Sea Moss hand-picked from the cleanest American waters, off the unsettled shores of Cobscook Bay, Maine, at low tide and sun-dried by dedicated harvesters. We strive to go above and beyond and pride ourselves in giving our customers the best product possible to maintain and elevate their health. Purple real Irish Sea Moss contains 92 of 102 minerals your body is composed of. It is one of the most celebrated seaweeds of all time. It helps support a healthy heart, weight, immune system, metabolism, skin, and so much more! Treat yourself to better health by enjoying our Sea Moss.

 Suggested Use

Consume 1-2 Teaspoons of Simplified Sea Moss in your smoothies, teas, juices, oatmeal, stews, etc. Without altering the taste, you can use it as a thickening agent for sauces, puddings, and soups. Sea moss gel can also play a role in your skincare routine. Buy Irish sea moss and Apply the gel to your skin and hair, which can improve elasticity and prevents dryness.

Customer Reviews

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Great product

I’ve ordered a couple jars already. But I like the results I’m getting from using this product.😄

Great Thing to add to your diet!

I've heard so many things about sea moss gel and its benefits but I was scared. I was scared that my picky eaters and I wouldn't like the taste, but there really isn't one. All of the health benefits are in this jar and you don't even have to be miserable when you eat it. I cook with it and put it in smoothies and my kids never know the difference!

christina Culbert

I started using this last year and ran out so once the website was put up I jumped on my order. This seamoss is authentic and pure. My energy level is up these days and also my immune system. It’s definitely a good product to have in your fridge!

Love it !

Highly recommend!