Can Sea Moss Promote Weight Loss?

It's safe to assume that the majority of Americans could wish to shed at least a few lbs. as approximately 74% of adult Americans are overweight. While diet and physical activity will always be the best methods for losing weight, there is an intriguing new fad that is circulating in the health community: sea moss.

According to research, sea moss may facilitate weight loss through a number of health advantages. Here's all you need to know as we take a deeper look to see if the highlights live up to the expectations. Always seek advice from your doctor before including sea moss in your diet.

Sea moss, a type of red seaweed, contains a lot of carrageenan but few calories. When using sea moss, this polysaccharide, which serves as a soluble fiber, may lead to weight loss.

It could facilitate weight loss by:

  • Improving your gut bacteria.
  • Encouraging feelings of satiety.
  • Having an impact on fat metabolism.

Although there is presently no established safe dosage, excessive sea moss consumption may be harmful to your health. Iodine toxicity and drug interactions, including those with blood thinners, may result from it.

It may be useful to use sea moss for weight loss, according to numerous research. It's interesting that there are various ways it can aid in weight loss, including enhancing digestion and making you feel satisfied for longer:

  • Sea moss's carrageenan content may be able to reduce body fat and prevent weight growth, according to animal research. This might be brought on by a decrease in the production of new fat cells, a decrease in dietary fat absorption, or a rise in the decomposition of fat reserves. Some evidence suggests that it could also encourage the "fat-burning" properties of brown fat.
  • Compared to foods weak in fiber, seaweed has a fairly high fiber content that can assist you in staying full for extended periods of time. This sense of fullness may prevent you from overeating.
  • Even though it is feasible to eat after you are full, doing so is difficult and undoubtedly uncomfortable. You're less likely to binge eat since sea moss leaves you feeling lovely and satisfied.

In a study, 78 adults received 1,000 mg of sea moss extract daily for 12 weeks while having their overall body weight and body fat monitored. In comparison to the control group, the sea moss study's weight loss findings demonstrate a more pronounced dramatic reduction in weight and total body fat mass.

So, if you're looking for a nutritious weight reduction pill with fewer calories and fewer negative effects, you could enjoy sea moss. Additionally, it contains good bacteria for your digestive system and may help you lose weight, especially if you mix it with regular exercise.